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Filme 2010

Mommo - Kiz Kardesim | Der schwarze Mann (Atalay Tasdike)

CinemaxX 4 -
Türkei Spielfilm Wettbewerb

Türkei 2009 · Farbe · 94 min · OmeU

Kann ein Junge von nur neun Jahren ein großer Bruder, ein Vater und gleichzeitig eine Mutter sein? Die kleine Ay?e würde ohne zu zögern sagen: Ja. Denn ihr Bruder Ahmet kann alles und hat vor nichts Angst. Nicht einmal vor dem „Schwarzen Mann“, der in einem dunklen Wandloch lauert. In Wahrheit ist Ahmet selbst noch ein Kind, aber da der Vater die Kinder nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter abgeschoben hat, übernimmt der Junge nun die Rollen aller fehlenden Familienmitglieder. Wenn Ay?e weint, tröstet er sie, er kämmt ihr die Haare und erzählt Gute-Nacht-Geschichten. Aneinander gekuschelt verschwören sie sich gegen die feindliche Welt. ?

Ay?e and Ahmet live in their grandfather, Hasan's house. After their mother's death their father Kaz?m remarried, but his new wife doesn't want the children to live in their house. Kaz?m doesn't take much interest in his children and this makes Ahmet very angry. His little sister Ay?e still visits her father from time to time. Hasan is very fragile and can't do much for his grandchildren. Hasan's neighbour tells Hasan that Ay?e should work as a home help for rich people in town, but Hasan doesn't like the idea at all. But then, to their great relief, his daughter Fatma writes from Germany saying that her sister's children can come and live with her in Germany.?It looks as though Ay?e and Ahmet have managed to circumvent the looming threat of being packed off to a children's home. Ahmet tries to protect his little sister as best he can – even from ghosts. Every night, they take their bedding upstairs onto the roof. Lying there beneath a blanket of stars they talk about their hopes and dreams. Before long, their hopes are all pinned on a future in Germany. But then a second letter arrives from Fatma. It's not going to be easy to obtain all the necessary entry papers, she writes. They will be able to come, but it could be two years before it's possible for them to actually move to Germany...