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About Us
More than 30 years ago this all begun. Here in Würzburg a few film-buffs - mainly students - began organising a Festival of International Films. Much has happens since those early days, and since then the International Film Weekend has grown into an Institution and is now making its 34. appearance.

Very few of the people, currently involved, can remember those first formative days - many weren't even born at that stage! The Festival and the Film Initiative have grown and prospered together. Over the years more Cinema Theatres have been added which in turn, allows more films to be screened. However a few things have remained the same. These include the fascination with cinematography aside from mainstream films and the curiosity as to what is being displayed in the Big Screens all over the world. This ensures that we, year in year out, make the Filmwochenende a reality - all this effort is totally voluntary and unpaid.

All problems and awkward situation are dealt with determination, while we are always ready to embrace new challenges with enthusiasm, creativity and energy. Those who have an interest ( and a little time of course ) in supporting us in this exciting work are welcome with opened arms to the Filminitiative Würzburg e.V. Those, who would like, can report directly to the Festival office at the Filmwochenende. Otherwise it is also possible to contact the Filmfest secretary at 0931 - 1 50 77 or mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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